I2C & USB-2 Common Interfaces of Capacitive Touch Screen

The interface of capacitive touch screen, refers to the capacitive touch screen interfacing with the motherboard. This article will introduce the common I2C and USB interfaces of capacitive touchscreen.

The I2C Interface

Figure 1. I2C interface of capacitive touch screen

The USB Interface

Figure 2. USB interface of capacitive touch screen

How to Choose the I2C or USB Interface?

Choose I2C Interface

Simplify Connection

Low Power Consumption

Multi-device Connection

Low Cost Design

Choose USB Interface

High Speed of Data Transfer

Broad Compatibility

Power Supply

Complex Human-machine Interface

Desktop or Laptop Applications

Features/parametersUSB InterfaceI2C Interface
Data transfer rateHigh, especially USB 3.0 and aboveRelatively low, depending on the specific I2C rate
Power supplyProvide power supplyNormally no power supply provided, additional power cord required
Connection complexityRelatively complex, requiring multiple pins and cablesSimplified connections, only two wires (SDA and SCL)
CompatibilityWidely compatible, almost all devices support USBSuitable for embedded systems, more flexible devices that need to support I2C
Power consumptionUsually higherUsually lower
Human-machine interface supportSuitable for complex human-machine interface, multi-touch, etc.Suitable for some basic touch interactions
Multi-device connectionRequires additional equipment to support USB hub, etc.I2C bus supports multiple device connections
CostUsually higherUsually lower
Application Desktop computers, laptops, etc.Embedded systems, small electronic devices, etc.
Table 1. Comparison of I2C and USB interfaces


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