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Over 60% of our LCD projects are custom displays. With 15 years of experience, we can work with you to bring the ideas to the solution.

Over 60% of our projects are custom display solutions to different extents, Tailor Pixels understand that different terminals need diverse features to accomplish the mission in specific scenarios. Throughout 15 years of experience, our project and engineering team have worked with our business partners to bring their ideas to display solutions and scale production for their unique requests.

Development process

Custom Display Development process
Customer RequirementsProject Kick-offEngineering ValidationPilot Run in Small Order
Explore Applicable OptionsEngineering Design and PrototypePerformance Verification TestMass Production
Technology ConformationOrder SamplesSample Approval

Common customization for display

LCD Module

  • Features: brightness, thickness, image resolution,  display active area, power consumption
  • Outer frame: material, structure for cooling and installation for the terminal


  • Type of interface: MCU, SPI, RGB, MIPI, EDP, LVDS
  • Other features: pin number, size, length
  • Touchscreen type: capacitive and resistive touch screen
  • Touch function: one-touch, multi-touch

Cover Glass

  • Features: thickness, hardness
  • Surface finish: cosmetic of all in black, anti-fingerprint, anti-bacterial, anti-glare
  • Interface coversion: RGB to MIPI, HDMI; LVDS to HDMI; MIPI to HDMI
  • Features: size, layout design, extended temperature coating
  • Functions: resolutions and ports supported


  • Cables, connectors, and other components applicable to your need
display structure exploded diagram
display structure exploded diagram

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