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To suit the functional and environmental requirements of the terminal devices, Tailor Pixels are working on applicable display and interface solutions for our customers from different industries.

custom TFT display solution

Custom Display Solution

Over 60% of our LCD projects are custom displays. With 15 years of experience, we can work with you to bring the ideas to the solution.

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OCA Bonding

What is OCA Bonding Technology?

There are many ways to fix the layers of a display together, one of is OCA bonding, or optically clear adhesive (OCA) bonding, which attaches display layers together with a sheet adhesive.

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Waterproof solution

Waterproof Solution for Capacitive Touch Display

Capacitive touch displays are commonly found today in household appliances, refrigerators, and other products in white electric appliances, one of these new challenges is operation in a wet environment. This article will discuss how to design waterproof solutions for CTP.

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