— As a stable human-machine-interface (HMI), LCD application is common.
We have developed projects with customers from various industries.

Industrial Intelligence

Reliable for the operation of equipment for
industries, agriculture, and farming.

Commercial Field

Adaptable for indoor and outdoor
advertising and convenient machines for commercial terminals.

Medical | Healthcare

Applicable for various medical and beauty fields
both used in hospital and personal health monitor.


By means of autonomous and HMI technology,
people can enjoy visual and interactive
entertainment on ‘riding’.

Smart Life

When everything is controlled with portable devices,
people can balance their work and live more relaxed.

Smart Office

Dynamic working requires efficiency in resource allocation
and communication.
Smart devices assist the organization and people
to accomplish the mission.

Supplier of LCD Module,
TFT Displays, OLED,
HDMI, LCD Solutions,
Controller Boards Development


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