How to Realize the Seamless Black Glass of Display? 

In order to improve the customer experience of the product, people are increasingly paying attention to and demanding the "seamless black" of the display cover glass. This article will brief the technology and application of seamless glass.

What is Seamless Black Glass?

How to Realize the Seamless Black Glass?


  1. The choice of semi-transparent black ink should be in the same color or close as the border. If too black or too light, that will cause color differences.
  2. Control of transmittance: According to the brightness and usage environment of LED lights, the transmittance ranges from 1% to 50%. Currently, most commonly used are 15 ± 5% and 20 ± 5%.
Print technology of Seamless Black
Figure 1. Print technology of seamless black


Comparison of non AR and AR plating
Figure 2. Comparison of non-AR and AR plating

Gray Glass

The effect of gray glass in the display power on or off
Figure 3. The effect of gray glass in the display power on/off

Advantages and Drawback of Seamless Black


Appearance Design

Reduce Reflection


Power Saving Performance

Fading and Aging

Higher Cost


High-end Electronic Product

Professional Display Equipment

Entertainment Device

Automobile Display


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